What Our Customers Have to Say

Firstly the transportation service was arranged for a time when the residents were in their rooms so it would not be upsetting to them. We were made to feel comfortable right from the beginning with Emily Thompson and Beth Preston. We were not rushed in our decisions. Everything was double checked and our needs were carried out with great respect for our mother. Receipts for payment were received promptly. Emily took us through every step of what would occur before the funeral and what would occur the day of the funeral. She looked after receiving the flowers at an early time the day of the funeral. Pallbearers were given instructions. The obituaries to the papers were read 3x to make sure that they were correct. Nothing was missed or over looked. Our very young grand children were attending the graveside service so we decided not to have the casket lowered into the ground while we were all present. At the end of the service, Emily approached me and told me that she and Karen would wait and remain until the casket was lowered and covered. A comforting message from a very caring individual!

From start to finish this difficult process was made easy for us and the experience was just seamless. We cannot say enough how great Kodie Holmes was to work with. Very professional and kind, a real delight. We were lucky to have him. Everything was perfect. Kodie was an absolute gem!!
Carly Donnelly was absolutely amazing! She was extremely helpful in all aspects of making the arrangements. She was very professional, yet caring and promptly responded to all of our needs. Thank you! Everyone who helped us at Pine Hills was wonderful. Thank you for making this as easy as it could be for our family.

I am very satisfied with the professional way in which everything was executed. Billy Chung and Melissa Agar, a lovely, patient, caring and helpful team. We were extremely happy to have Billy and Melissa looking after us. They are so knowledgeable, calm and professional. “I feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted from me.” Thanks again to Pine Hills for having such professionals working for your organization.