What Our Customers Have to Say

Dear Philip and Meadowvale Cemetery Staff, Thank you very much for your excellent services and support for (the) burial at the veterans grave. It is greatly appreciated that you have allowed us the room for our reception and make us welcome at Meadowvale in our time of need. God Bless You.

I am sending this email to profess my utmost thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in my grandfather’s funeral yesterday. (His) funeral was the most beautiful and touching funerals I have ever been to. Your grounds both inside and out are peaceful and stunning. The interior space where the funeral was held was full of natural light, was not over air conditioned and had a very serene atmosphere. The lounge areas were peaceful and spotless and the reception area was bright and cheery. The food was amazing! Fresh & high quality and a wonderful selection. Each and every member of the staff from the front door gentlemen to the lady at the front desk to the servers in the reception area and the ladies who cleaned and packed everything up were professional and kind. Thank you so much for making (his) funeral a truly beautiful affair. I really am sitting here thinking about how amazingly efficient and brilliantly built the building was designed. The fact that after the service, the curtains parted and the pallbearers walked just a few feet to the hearse was genius. Having a funeral at Meadowvale was as easy as it gets. Again, thank you on behalf of our entire family. What a special day.

We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful job done. My grandfather was in tears after he saw the monument. He said is was beautiful and just as we have requested. He asked me to personally send you this e-mail and thank you for keeping your word with everything we have a greed on and requested for. This e-mail simply cannot depict what you have done for us and how grateful we are. Once again, thank you for helping us honour the women we loved so much and always will.