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Our Annual Reviews

Since 1826 we have been providing the communities we serve with choices that were not otherwise available.  We pride ourselves on a longstanding heritage of bringing innovative thinking, products and services to the public, as well as providing meaningful service to a very diverse collection of cultures and faiths here in the GTA.  While we quietly do what we do best, and have been doing for nearly 200 years, in 2010 we started a process of sharing each year what has been keeping us busy for the previous 12 months (or so) in the form of an annual review.  Below you will find the collection prepared to date.


  • Fiscal 2019 Year in Review

  • Fiscal 2018 Year In Review

  • Fiscal 2017 Annual Review

  • Fiscal 2016 Annual Review

  • Fiscal 2015 Annual Review

  • Fiscal 2014 Annual Review

  • Fiscal 2013 Annual Review

  • 2011 Annual Review

  • 2010 Annual Review