Runners & Walkers

For many years members of the community neighbouring Mount Pleasant have enjoyed using the cemetery as a safe environment to walk or run as part of their regular fitness regimen. Recently, we have implemented a few features which have made the cemetery a little more accessible and convenient for those that like to walk and run along the cemetery's roadways.


With over 14 kilometres of paved roadways throughout Mount Pleasant Cemetery’s 205 acres there are plenty of options for routes to take when jogging or walking in the cemetery.  To make it a little easier for you we have identified a few routes on some handy maps which you can download.

1 KM Routes  
3 KM Routes  
5 KM Route  

Extended Hours

During the summer and fall months (April 1st through September 30th) the gates at Mount Pleasant will be opened one hour ealier from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.  This will make the cemetery accessible to those early rising fitness enthusiasts.

We are always concerned about the health and safety of those visiting the cemetery and we are cognizant that as Fall approaches the sun rises progressively later each morning.  To ensure there is enough daylight for people to safely run or walk through the cemetery we limit the extended hours to October 1st, at which time the gates will open at 8 a.m.




Washroom Facilities

Other features implemeneted over the past few years include the introduction of a portable washroom, two bicycle racks, and three drinking fountains, all of which have been welcomed by the many joggers, walkers and visitors to the cemetery. Washroom, Bike Racks, Water Fountains