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December 2016


Welcome to the Friends & Neighbours of Mount Pleasant web site. 

Friends & Neighbours of Mount Pleasant has been created to foster conversation and engagement between Mount Pleasant Cemetery and its neighbouring communities; just like neighbours, building positive relationships and strong community ties.

This site is a continuation along that journey.  It’s designed to highlight special events occurring at the cemetery and provide helpful tips and information relevant to the community.  Key to the site is a Discussion Forum which promotes interactive dialogue related to the community in general as well as a discussion room for gardening and another for runners and walkers.  Our hope is that the forum area of the web site will organically evolve, providing vibrant virtual meeting rooms where members can share their thoughts relating to the cemetery, the community and a variety of special interest subjects.

While the site is open to all visitors, the Discussion Forum area does require that users register in order to post and respond to comments. This is simply a precaution which will allow us to ensure discussions are clean and neighbourly.

Jump in and browse through the site and take advantage of what it has to offer.  We sincerely hope you find it useful.   

As we grow together, let’s explore, engage and evolve as a thriving neighbourhood community! 

Your neighbour,
Mount Pleasant Cemetery